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Meet the Instructors

Pacific Wushu was founded by two Wushu masters who share the same passion and teaching philosophy. They apply traditional Wushu teaching method and always directly interact with the students. This philosophy together with their expansive skills have helped many of their students excel and achieve recognitions in the martial art world.

Master Phillip Wong

Founder of Pacific Wushu and Stanford University Wushu Club, Master Wong is one of the few Americans to have competed as a member of National US Wushu Team and placed in international level wushu competitions in China. He has 13 national and international Grand Championships. He won the all-around silver medal at the 2nd International Wushu Games, second only to China.

Master Wong was nominated as Inside Kung Fu's competitor of the year in 1987. He has been featured in ESPN television specials and on a variety of magazine covers in the USA, China, Italy and Japan. In the film world, he has starred in films in Asia and choreographed feature films in the USA. He also provided motion-captured acting for the highly popular video games Tekken 2 & 3 and Mace: The Dark Age.

Master Wong's specialties include Chang Quan, broadsword, straighsword, and staff.  He is most known for his drunken fist and drunken sword. His present students include half of the members of the US Wushu Team.

Master Zhang Hong Mei

Born in Beijing, China, Master Zhang began studying wushu at the age of 9 after being selected from literally thousands of children to join the Beijing Wushu Team. She soon became a member of the first generation of elite wushu athletes that the Chinese government established in the 1970's. At China’s National Games, she captured gold medals in Bagua, sparring routines, and double straight sword. In recognition of her skills and dedication, she was selected to China’s National Team to compete in the 1st International Games held in Xian, China where she captured a gold medal in the Women’s Straight Sword competition. To this day, her team is still considered to be one of the best teams fielded by China.

Master Zhang has traveled the world over as an ambassador, performing and teaching the art of Wushu and spreading Chinese culture. She spent 3 years teaching Wushu and Tai Ji in Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan by special invitation before coming to the United States. She has appeared on dozens of international magazine covers and has been featured numerous times on TV, film and video.

Master Zhang's events include Chang Quan, staff, straight sword and Tai Ji. She is most known for her double straight sword and Bagua Zhang.